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Mission Statement

Bringing together nature and craftsmanship.

The elegance and sophistication of natural stone is brought to life by Amalfi Stone & Masonry skill and experience.

Amalfi Stone & Masonry Company, Inc. is a leading natural stone sub-contractor firm specializing in the procurement, fabrication and installation of projects in Southern California. Established in 2011, Amalfi Stone & Masonry collectively has 102 year’s experience in the natural stone industry.


At Amalfi Stone & Masonry, we value our partnerships with Owner representatives, developers, general contractors, architects and designers. We view each project will lead to lasting relationships and invest our time and skill to the project’s success. Our strength is to identify the specific personality and evaluate how we can contribute to the projects successful completion. Amalfi Stone & Masonry completes every project we are contracted for.

Amalfi Stone & Masonry works with the design team on each project to use the right stone. Each project is different and requires the right color, character and tone when selecting materials. Each project has an individual character, no two projects are alike.

Each project comes with different emotions and challenges, Amalfi Stone manages and meets client expectations during the construction process. 

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